As a member of Monument Builders of North America, the MBAdvocacy Program and its services are one of the benefits of membership that you enjoy!

How the MBAdvocacy program will benefit members and the Association –

  • Educating MBNA members to prevent unlawful or unreasonable practices.
  • Providing conflict resolution services, as needed, and to advise MBNA members of their respective rights and obligations both generally and in specific situations.
  • Building on existing relationships with regulatory agencies in various states in order to represent MBNA members.
  • Promoting the positive impact of MBNA on the industry overall and to create positive relationships as opposed to adversarial ones.
  • Creating educational and advocacy materials for MBNA members and to enhance the understanding of the industry by both consumers and members.
  • Working with other entities in the death care industry to address issues regarding anti-competitive practices. This includes unscrupulous behavior in the negotiation, sales, installation, and maintenance of monuments and markers.
  • Developing strategies and materials to be utilized as tools to help members work with cemeteries, communities or legislators.
  • Keeping MBNA members apprised of legislative initiatives and regulations at the state and federal level as they relate to both monument dealers and cemeteries.
  • Lobbying for legislation which will benefit MBNA members and oppose legislation that could harm members.

Our Advocate, Marilyn-Harris Davis will provide guidance and assistance to members when dealing with local cemeteries or legislative issues that impact their business operations.  She will work with members to resolve issues and mediate solutions that are satisfactory to both sides and, if necessary, Marilyn can step in directly to help members with issues of importance to the entire MBNA membership.  Watch for regular updates and articles on the program in MBNews.

Marilyn Harris-Davis, JD, obtained her law degree from the University of Baltimore School of Law, has a Masters Degree from American University in Public Information Administration and an undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland.  Before working with the death care industry, she worked in cable franchise operations for a number of years, as well as doing political/governmental work in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

Most recently, Marilyn served as Executive Director of the Office of Cemetery Oversight for the State of Maryland.  In that capacity, she regulated cemeteries and the sellers of burial goods. She also enforced the relevant provisions of the Maryland Annotated Code relative to death care; and, in conjunction with the State’s Attorney General, facilitating the creation of legislation governing the death care industry.

Marilyn is committed to serving the members and the consumers they serve.  Working in conjunction with other entities in the death care industry, she will address anti-competitive practices and unscrupulous behavior in the negotiation, sales, installation, and maintenance of monuments and markers.  She will also provide conflict resolution services and advise members and consumers of their respective rights and obligations.

Additionally, she will keep the membership appraised of legislative initiatives and regulations relating to both memorialists and cemeteries and lobby for fair and just legislation.

The MBAdvocacy program supports members of the Monument Builders of North America and the consumers they serve by enhancing awareness and enforcement of fair, reasonable and lawful trade practices as they relate to the memorial industry.

MBNA commented on the Funeral Rule Review 16CFR Part 453. For a copy, click here.

Deadline is December 30

A grave marker is one of the only pieces of artwork that an average family will ever buy. These hand-made tributes to the life of a loved one serve many important purposes for a grieving family, but they are also an important permanent record that will tell an individual's story to the generations that follow.

How would your Mother want to be remembered? Let's create a better way to remember the people we love!

This thirty second shows how a design is cut into a thin sheet of rubber and prepared for sandblasting.

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