Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Memorialization?
Memorialization is the art of commemorating the lives of those loved, revered and respected. In all civilizations and generations, it has been desired to remember loved ones by erecting monuments. From pyramids to Indian burial mounds, public memorials such as Mt. Rushmore to simple private memorials, the creation of a monument has been the most common form of remembrance. A monument should last forever and the purchase of one should be made unhurriedly, with great care and consideration.

Why Should I Purchase From a MBNA Retail Firm?
As part of their membership, MBNA member companies sign a statement of policy, The Code of Good Practice. This code promotes fair and honest business practices that, in turn, serve and protect the consumer. Your MBNA member retailer should have a copy of this code on hand.

As an MBNA member, your retailer has the protection of our own Consumer Advocate Consultant and should notify her immediately of any unlawful cemetery acts.

When you purchase a monument/memorial from an MBNA member, you are assured of ethical, honest business practices from someone who is committed to his industry and art. The majority of members are multi-generational memorialists who have learned the exact art of stone carving from their fathers and grandfathers. Remember, always look for the MBNA name and logo

What is a Certified Memorialist®?
A Certified Memorialist® is someone who has undergone hours of study, received continuing education and passed a rigorous exam. They also have to continue to stay abreast of changes in the industry and are re-tested every three years.

How long has the MBNA been around?
The Monument Builders of North America has been in existence since 1906.

Is it better to purchase a monument from a Cemetery, Monument Company or Funeral Home?
Generally, it is better to purchase your monument from the company that it came from. In most cases, funeral homes and cemeteries purchase the memorials from monument companies. The funeral homes and cemeteries are resellers and add to the markup on the monument.

The cemetery says they have to install the monument? Can they do that?
No. It has been found in Federal Court that it is illegal to restrict a monument company from doing their trade in a cemetery so long as the company complies with reasonable rules and fees for doing so. The MBNA has a Consumer Advocate we work with to help in this situations. You can find out more information here.

Why is granite used in monuments?
Granite is used for monuments due to its durability, hardness and natural beauty.

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Stone is polished by hours of work by a skilled craftsman. There is no "coating" that is applied. The beautiful, nearly permanent shine on memorials is created by a series of diamond impregnated pads, water, and a skilled craftsman. If the polishing process is done incorrectly, the stone can overheat causing the stone surface to prematurely crumble.

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