Dodds Memorials Wins 2019 Aspire Award with Rebranding and Community Outreach Campaign

Dodds Memorials Wins 2019 Aspire Award with Rebranding and Community Outreach Campaign


XENIA -- Dodds Memorials of Xenia, Ohio was the sole recipient of Monument Builders of North America’s (MBNA) Aspire to Success Award for marketing and public relations at their 2019 Monument Industry Show held in St. Louis, MO on February 9, 2019. The Aspire Awards recognize monument builder companies that have drawn favorable attention to their companies, and in turn, to the industry through their specialized marketing and/or public relations campaigns. Dodds Memorials distinguished themselves by rebranding their name and image to coincide with a new contemporary approach to memorialization and massive community outreach campaign.

Recognizing the need to shift their focus from traditional granite tombstone sales and become more open to ideas of memorialization that went beyond traditional offerings, Dodds began the process of changing their public perception with the bold step of changing their name from Dodds Monuments to Dodds Memorials. Additionally, they updated their logo by adding the eternal flame and new modern lettering. This change was meant reflect their new commitment to, “…finding each family their lasting vision of love, through any means of memorialization that arises now and into the future.”

Rebranding efforts also included an updated website featuring a blog page dedicated to helping people prepare for end of life planning through new educational and marketing materials like their Memorial Planning Guide.

In addition to their rebranding efforts, Dodds launched an ad campaign focusing on the company’s new direction and preplanning memorials, as well as two community event initiatives. The first of these initiatives was the Memories Through Monarchs 5k Run and Butterfly release. This event was hosted by Woodland Cemetery in Xenia, Ohio and had over 30 walkers and runners. The funds raised through registration fees were donated to the cemetery’s road improvement fund.

Next, Dodds’ partnered with Wright State University for their Veterans Day Champions Tour which featured a charter bus tour of local Veterans’ Memorials created by Dodds Memorials. Registration monies received for the event were donated to the Veteran and Military Center.

Despite all this change Dodds commitment to serving the public is the one thing that remains the same. “We have the same great company, with a renewed focus on finding the memorial a family wants, regardless of that the memorial becomes.”

Memorialization is about healing the people that few people that mourn your loss and recording a little bit of the flavor of your character for the many people who will follow after you.

How would your Mother want to be remembered? Let's create a better way to remember the people we love!

It has often been said that monument builders tell stories in stone. This is the second video in a three video series that shows how a good monument builder can tell a story in stone.