Gravestones Talk

Gravestones talk. They tell stories, share history and even cause a little controversy from time to time. Some stones have a sense of humor, some share a message of hope and others portray a deep sense of loss and sorrow.

But how do those gravestones talk? How do those blank, stony tablets transform into beautifully unique memorials made to educate and intrigue generations yet to come? How do they evoke powerful emotions from strangers who approach them? And, most importantly, how do they acquire the stories they tell?

The Transformation

The transformation of a simple stone into a permanent and everlasting story begins with the basic carving of a loved one’s name and dates of life into the surface. The stone now tells the world that this person lived! But what about the rest of the story?  This person lived and….and what?

Perhaps this person was an artist, contributing to the world his or her visions of bright colors and shapes and figures. Maybe this person was an overcomer- breaking the unwanted barriers of a debilitating disease. Or, perhaps this person was dedicated to raising his or her family, ensuring their each and every need was met.

As the monument builder listens to family and friends describe this person and the story that will be told, he or she cannot help but to think through this wonderful life that was lived. The monument builder asks questions to better understand exactly how this person’s story should be told and marvels at the stories told.

A mixture of emblems, symbols, artwork and text are carefully selected to tell the story and worked into the surface of the stone. And then, when the last of the stone dust is blown away, the gravestone can finally talk.

To learn more about how you can visit with your loved ones about their life stories, please consider consulting our Have the Talk of a Lifetime guides and materials.

Posted July 1st, 2019 by Linda Darby.

Memorialization is about making memories permanent. This video portrays the story of a father, a son, and some tender moments that were recorded in stone for the generations to remember.

If you were given only a few square feet on which to tell your whole life story, what would you say? What events, and memories would you include? What would you want your great, great grandchildren to know about you? Pre-need memorials give you the chance to make important decisions about the story of your life.

Memorialization is about healing the people that few people that mourn your loss and recording a little bit of the flavor of your character for the many people who will follow after you.