MBAdvocacy Work Group Update

The MBAdvocacy Work Group has been diligently working to enhance its advocacy resources for our membership. We are pleased to share the following update on what we've focused on this year, and goals for improving the program even further: 

Marketing Efforts

  • We include regular blurbs about advocacy in the MBBrief. Our focus through these has been to share how members can submit an issue, how to view past cases, and legal resources.
  • We’ve focused a Feedback Friday asking members their thoughts on how effective the advocacy resources are.
    • From this survey, we found that 80% of respondents are aware that they can view past MBNews articles related to advocacy on the website
    • 62% of the survey takers have actually read the articles, and 90% found them useful
  • We are working to revamp the MBAdvocacy Education webpage, to include more recent articles and have them available as a PDF vs. a Word doc.
    • Additionally, we’re working to pull more articles from our MBNews archive and format them so that they can be included on the page as well.
  • We are looking to feature more articles on our news section of the website, and sharing this via social media.
    • These articles can be found through setting up Google alerts for certain keyterms, as well as following other associations and law resources.

Case Studies

  • In 2018, we recorded cases for 30 unique members representing 18 states and 1 Canadian province. A few themes from case issues include –
    • Unreasonable installation rates or increased rates after a contract is agreed to
    • Issues with the Catholic Archdiocese and cemeteries having unfair rules for outside vendors
    • Cemeteries requiring additional insurance that’s incredibly high
    • Cemeteries prohibiting monument builders from setting on their property without having sound evidence or reason for disallowing them to work there

This 30 second video shows elements of the monument design process.

Memorialization is about making memories permanent. This video portrays the story of a father, a son, and some tender moments that were recorded in stone for the generations to remember.

Memorialization is about healing the people that few people that mourn your loss and recording a little bit of the flavor of your character for the many people who will follow after you.