MBNA Elects New Board of Trustees

MBNA held it’s 2018 MBUniversity Conference on February 24-25 in Irving Texas at the Sheraton DFW Airport Hotel.  On Saturday, new officers and district trustees were installed as a part of their Annual Business Meeting. New officers and officers advancing into positions included:

  • President – Bobby Mattos, AICA of Bras and Mattos Monument Company in Hayward, CA
  • President-Elect – Mike Johns, CM, AICA of Johns-Carabelli Company in Cleveland, OH
  • Vice President – Jonathan Modlich of Modlich Monuments Co., Inc. in Columbus, OH
  • Vice President – Ryan Worthington of Worthington Monuments, Inc. in Burleson, TX
  • Immediate Past President – Dave Anderson, AICA of Dakota Monument Company in Fargo, ND


Ken Reeson, AICA of Summit Memorials, Ltd., in Edmonton, AB Canada stepped down from his role as Vice President after serving the association for the past 2 years.

Trustees from even numbered Districts shall be elected in even numbered years; those from odd numbered Districts shall be elected in odd numbered years.  Also, when a Trustee is chosen to become an Executive Officer during the middle of their term, the President can appoint a new trustee to complete the remainder.  New and continuing trustees, and one appointee included:

  • District 02 Trustee – Bryan Poirier of Quincy Memorials, Inc. in Quincy, MA
  • District 04 Trustee – Joseph Timms, III of Coastal Monument Company in Conway, SC
  • District 05 Trustee – Sean Longstreth, AICA of Longstreth Memorials in Galion, OH (appointed to finish the second year of former Trustee Jonathan Modlich’s term)
  • District 06 Trustee – Jason Campbell, CM, AICA of Campbell Monument Company, Inc. in Provencal, LA
  • District 08 Trustee – Nathan Lange of Northland Monument, Inc. in Longville, MN
  • District 10 Trustee – Joe Mehochko of Sun City Granite, Inc. in Perris, CA


Ryan Worthington was nominated to move from her District 06 Trustee position to the role of Vice President.  Stepping down as Trustee were Eric Zabel, CM, AICA of Zabel Monuments, LLC in Manitowoc, WI as District 08 Trustee; and Ron Westbrook, CM of Visalia Granite & Marble Works, Inc. in Visalia, CA as District 10 Trustee.


Trustees in the odd numbered districts will be up for re-election at the 2019 Convention, along with the officer positions of President-Elect, Treasurer and two Vice Presidents.  The 2019 MBNA Industry Show will be held at the Marriot St. Louis Grande & St. Louis Convention Center in St. Louis, Missouri on February 8-10, 2019.

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