MBNA Seeking New Finance & Budget Committee Member

MBNA is currently seeking a member to serve on the Finance and Budget Committee, with the intention to progress to the role of Treasurer (which is part of the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees). The Finance and Budget Committee works with the Executive Vice President and the CPA on staff to oversee the financial affairs of the association. Duties include working with staff to draft the annual budget, reviewing monthly financial reports, reviewing and providing approval on financial disbursements, and special projects as may be requested by the leadership. Ideally, this person will have the following qualities and capabilities:

  • A passion for MBNA and drive to see the association flourish and grow
  • Believes in and is committed to fulfilling the vision and mission of MBNA
  • Experience working with a budget and analyzing financial statements
  • Enjoys working on a team and collaborating with others
  • Has an interest and the capacity to serve in a leadership role on the Board of Trustees

If you're interested in joining this committee or if you have any questions, please contact our office by emailing info@monumentbuilders.org or calling us at 800-233-4472.

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