New Memorial Financing Program

One of the reasons cited for choosing cremation instead of traditional burial is the ever growing cost of items like the monument.  Offering a convenient affordable monthly installment to customers has never been an easily available option for our industry…until now.

Monument Builders of North America is proud to announce our latest offering in partnership with Time Investment Company, Inc. (TIC).  TIC is a family owned and operated lender providing exceptional customer service and a reliable source of funding to each of their dealers.  They have made quality products more affordable to consumers since 1982, and are proud to offer funding of memorial purchases nationwide.

TIC offers a discounted fee structure available exclusively to MBNA members.  Any member who regularly utilizes TIC’s program can realize savings beyond the cost of the MBNA yearly membership dues.  Please see their coupon in this year’s edition of the MBNA coupon book.

Dealer Benefits:

  • Funding amounts up to $6000
  • Increase sales by 15-20% by providing an additional source of funding
  • Allow your customer to purchase the memorial they desire
  • Prompt and reliable next day funding
  • Timely, paperless, user friendly customer application process – you enter the information using TIC’s application wizard
  • An application wizard that can be used face-to-face, via e-commerce, over the phone, or even in a customer’s home
  • Nominal processing fee – competitive to bank credit card fees (less than Discover or American Express in most instances)
  • No initiation or monthly usage fee
  • Save time and money by eliminating in-house layaway programs

Customer benefits:

  • Consumer-friendly interest rates
  • Interest-free offers
  • Additional buying power
  • Convenient, affordable monthly installments
  • Approvals on a wide range of credit scores
  • Expedite product installation

The Sales Process

TIC suggests that you offer convenient financing when your customers inquire about your products.  Introduce them to the process by offering to pre-qualify them, and then enter their information in TIC’s wizard.  This will allow you to know how much TIC would finance; allowing your salesperson to guide your customers to the best solution.

We hope this new and innovative member offering with TIC will provide a much-needed service in these changing times.  We are proud to work with Time Investment Company, Inc and we hope you will be too.

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