Call for Program Proposals

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2025 Industry Show

Monument Builders of North America is looking for proposals for engaging education!

For the 2025 Industry Show, MBNA is looking for education to be held at the Huntington Convention Center and for hands-on production workshops that can be hosted at a local facility.

All topics are welcome. Based on feedback from MBNA members, MBNA is particularly interested in education around the following topics:

  • Design Techniques
  • Finance and Best Practices
  • Human Resources Management
  • Order & Inventory Management
  • Production Techniques
  • Sales & Marketing

Proposals will be submitted electronically and are due by July 1, 2024. The MBNA Education Committee will select programming based on the information listed below.

If you have any questions, please contact MBNA at 800-233-4472 or [email protected].

Criteria for Program Acceptance


Make sure your title is short, descriptive and memorable. (For example, “Fighting the Freezing Cold and Setting Monuments” is a better title than “How to Set Monuments During the Wintertime.”)


Is the topic relevant to the monument industry or running a monument businesses? Sessions about tax law or human resource management might apply to any business, and that’s okay.


Who is the session for? Is it just for production staff, or is it for anyone in the industry? Is it more for vendors and suppliers than retailers? Better to have a session that is very relevant for 100 people than a session that is sort-of relevant for 1,000 people.

Learning objectives or Takeaways

List 3-4 things that attendees will learn by participating. Be realistic. No one can learn how to run a monument business in an afternoon, but they might be able to learn how to match lettering on a monument.

Program Description

Describe the session in 100 words or fewer, using sentences that are short and to-the-point. Your description should include what participants will do in the session and what they will learn. Descriptions will be used in marketing materials.

Proposed Speakers

Who will present / teach during the session? Include names, experience and qualifications.

For example, “Bob Summerland, CM has been in the monument industry for 34 years and has been the owner of his own shop for the last 15 years.”

Anticipated Costs

What will the session cost MBNA to host? For a hands-on production workshop, do materials need to be purchased? Will any speaker(s) require funding?