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Please place a mark by the MBNews issue in which you wish to advertise and indicate ad size (full, ½, ¼ or spread) and color of ad.  (Rate is determined by ad frequency: 1X, 3X, 6X, 9X or 12X; see rate information.)  Ad positions are determined on a first-come, first-served basis.  All payments must be made in USD.
***Purchase an ad for the 2018 Annual Roster & Buyer’s Guide as part of your bulk rate for 2018 MBNews advertising!

To pay via wire transfer, please contact MBNA Headquarters (info@monumentbuilders.org) for wire transfer instructions.  The purchaser is responsible for all banking fees related to wire transfers.

Issue Deadline Ad Size Ad Position & Color
November 2018        September 30, 2018                
December 2018        October 31, 2018                
January 2019        November 30, 2018                
February 2019        December 31, 2018                
2019 Roster        January 15, 2019                
March 2019        January 31, 2019                
April 2019        February 28, 2019                
May 2019        March 31, 2019                
June 2019        April 30, 2019                
July 2019        May 31, 2019                
August 2019        June 30, 2019                
September 2019        July 31, 2019                
October 2019        August 31, 2019                
November 2019        September 30, 2019                

Before pressing submit, make sure that you have checked each month you are interested in and selected the proper size, position, and color..